Samson Aligba

Product Management Consultant, Solutions Architect, Advisor/Coach

As a seasoned product strategist and venture builder with a comprehensive background in solving business problems through innovative design and technology. With 10+ years of experience, In my early years in the Nigerian tech space, I was recognized as one of the 100 most innovative figures. Later in my career as product manager and solutions architect, I spearheaded the creation and launch of a no-code fintech program builder, leading to strategic partnerships and substantial monthly recurring revenue for Deposits Inc (as its Chief Product Officer). As a 3-time founder (see ), and advisor (see, , I have consistently demonstrated my ability to drive product development, manage cross-functional teams, and execute technology-driven strategies that propel brands and products forward. My passion for technology solutions is evident in the founding of MVP Skool and participation in mentorship and training initiatives like the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, Guest lecture at the University of Portsmouth, and Cardiff School of Technologies. Aligba holds a strong educational foundation with a focus on Computer Science and has earned certifications, including IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner, underlining his commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

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